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6 Celebrities You Would Love To Follow For Their Sexy, Macho Looks

Chris Pratt

How celebrities transformed

In his teenage, the American actor believed that the talent wasn’t enough to be successful and later realised that he has looks that are inappropriate for the actor. He worked on himself, and looking at him now; no one would say that he ever lacked self-confidence.

Katy Perry

How celebrities transformed

American singer Katy Perry wasn’t pleased with the kind of body she had in her teens. She used to wear body shaper Spanx innerwear as she had a dream to be a model. As Katy started to get famous, she worked on herself.

David Beckham

How celebrities transformed

In his young age, the former international footballer used to care less about his appearance. He passionately dedicated himself to football. Only when he started to get famous, David started caring about his appearance, and the results are before us now.


How celebrities transformed

When you look at her revealing outfits in her concerts today, you won’t believe that this famous Lebanese-Colombian singer was ashamed of her body in younger days.

Justin Timberlake, American singer-actor

How celebrities transformed

“Everything for which you’re being ridiculed, everything that makes you strange in others’ eyes as a child, will lead you to success in adulthood,” Justin had once said.

Rihanna, Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress

How celebrities transformed

Rihanna one said, “We always find flaws in ourselves, and I’ve been able to believe in myself just because of the success which I have received.”

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