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Champions Trophy defeat breaks hearts, televisions in India

It creates the impression that some Indian natives have taken their national cricket group’s thrashing against Pakistan excessively hard.

Stunned quiet resounded crosswise over New Delhi on Sunday night taking after the notable furious about Pakistan in the Champions Trophy last at The Oval in London.

Delhi’s avenues were everything except forsaken after the diversion finished with fans raging out of open screenings after Hardik Pandya’s 76-run barrage finished with India gazing intently at the barrel at 152-7.

“I am stunned… we thought we would have them for supper, yet it has turned the other way,” Amit Sharma told news office AFP at Delhi’s Connaught Place.

Rishi Kapoor ‘yields’, salutes Pakistan on triumph

“We had arranged huge festivals for what appeared like a beyond any doubt shot triumph for us with the way we were playing and furthermore how Pakistan had recently scratched into the last,” Sharma included.

Disappointed Indian fans discreetly left outside screenings in dismay.

While a few firecrackers were lighted at the National Stadium close India Gate, Sanjay, a frustrated fan, said they were “firecrackers of outrage”.

“A misfortune against Pakistan is dependably a severe pill to swallow. However, you need to commend their image of cricket and their rebound in this competition in the wake of being pounded by India,” Raju Verma, an auto driver, said.

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