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Duff Street Methodist Church hosts community dinner

CLARKSBURG — On the third Sunday of every month, the Duff Street United Methodist Church in Clarksburg opens its ways to individuals from the group who need a hot dinner.

The month to month group meals are free and open to the general population.

With liberal helpings of nation browned steak, pureed potatoes, sauce, green beens and Italian bread, the congregation encouraged more than 20 neighborhood inhabitants Sunday night.

Pat Webster, an individual from the congregation’s gathering, said any individual who is eager is welcome to go to the meals.

“We welcome the group to come, and also our congregation family,” she said.

The congregation attempts to make individuals mindful of the meals, Webster said.

“We place it in the daily paper each month and put our signs out around the area,” she said.

The duty of cooking and serving the dinners are shared inside the assembly, Webster said.

“Diverse gatherings in the congregation every month assume liability for setting up the supper,” she said.

“All the diverse gatherings inside the congregation will go ahead. Each gathering will proceed on more than one occasion a year, so for the most part there is a considerable measure of assortment,” she said.

Sunday night’s dinner was cooked by the teachers in the assembly, Webster said.

“This month, it’s every one of the instructors in the building,” she said. “We have a ton of educators in our congregation family, and we make up a gathering.”

Amid the winter months, Webster said the congregation gives present supper amusement on participants of the supper.

“In the wintertime, we will normally have a motion picture after the supper for the individuals who need to stay,” she said. “They can come, eat and see the motion picture also.”

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