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Veteran Entertainment Writer Passes Away

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s past veteran fervor author Bahyah Mahmood or endearingly known as Kak Bah, passed away at 5:30am today.

Bernama reported that the died inhaled out her last breathe in – in the wake of doing fighting with liver threat – at the National Cancer Institute, Putrajaya; a comparative region where her late mate and related veteran essayist, Ahmad Idris or likewise called Abi, kicked the basin on February 3 of a year back.

“My mother was resolved to have liver development three months back and since the past two months had lost her craving.

“She was yielded at the National Cancer Institute seven days prior,” kak Bah’s 47-year-old young lady, Fadhila Ahmad bestowed to Bernama.

75-year-old Kak Bah was known for her incitement area in Mingguan Malaysia’s Pancaindera in the mid 1980s, going before proceeding with her commitments as the URTV editor at Utusan Malaysia and a short time later surrendered in 1996.

Kak Bah’s journalistic experience begun in Singapore in the year 1965, and predetermination passed on her to the capital state of Malaysia in 1967 where she put an attention on various close-by capacities, for instance, Sudirman, Datuk DJ Dave, Hail Amir, Noor Kumalasari, Uji Rashid and Latiff Ibrahim.

mStar even highlighted that her residence in Jalan Enggang, Kuala Lumpur is as often as possible the redenzvous point for close-by pros and furthermore for those in the business to exchange news.

All through her business, the late Kak Bah has acted in motion pictures, for instance, Sri Andalas and Sri Mersing alongside making verses for any similarity of DJ Dave (as a less than dependable rule) and Salamiah Hassan (Gelombang), with the last being incorporated into Jins Shamsuddin’s 1979 film Tiada Esok Bagimu.

Kak Bah has moreover filled in as a Board Member of the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) from 1991 to 1993, and was one of the creators of the Malaysia Film Festival dealt with by the Entertainment Journalists Association (EJA) in 1980.

The died relinquishes three young ladies, Farizah (50), Fadhila (46) and Fazliana (41).

Supplications will be coordinated at the Al-Ansar Mosque, Keramat and her outstanding parts will be secured at the AU2 Islamic Cemetery later today.

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